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Marching Bands in the Age of Social Distancing

Six feet? Check!

The same bad ass musicians? Check!

The same awesomely cheesy uniforms? Check!

The same amazing music? Probably - that depends on the songs you want us to play!

Introducing... Social Distance Marching Bands

Yes, it's a thing! Yes, it works surprisingly well!

Just about any idea you had involving a marching band before all of the Covid-19 craziness can STILL HAPPEN! Our band has been working live events, implementing social distancing guidelines to ensure the safety of our clients, their guests, and our musicians.

Take it from this mother, who dressed up at the Drum Major, for her daughter's online graduation. Her daughter couldn't have a traditional graduation ceremony, so we brought the party to them - all at a safe distance!

Let us help you create incredible memories! Include a marching band during a time where people need live music the most!

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