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Late Late Show - Apple Watch Edition

So you've all seen the Apple watch and the amazing things this watch can do, right?

But have you seen the Marching Band mode???

Yeah, it was new to us, too! But as it turns out, it's a pretty darn cool feature!

This week's episode was a particularly fun one for us - we were asked to be part of two sketches!

We participated as obstacles in the Audience Member Errand, which has turned into a super fun, long-running sketch! In this sketch, a real life audience member is pulled out of their seat and asked to run an errand for James. The catch is, the backstage has been turned into a crazy obstacle course! This sketch is always performed live, with a real-life audience member who has no idea what to expect. The unpredictability of the sketch really gets your adrenaline going! Check it out!

This time, James and the crew also asked our group to be part of the Apple Watch segment! It's a tough segment for the band to pull off but, when James point to you like this...

You don't say no! You jump in with both feet and play with everything you've got!

What a fun performance! It's always amazing to be able to perform with James Corden and the fantastic cast and crew of the Late Late Show. Thank you for having us back!

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